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State of Australia's Regions 2024
news 7 Feb 2024
Showcasing data and insights on contemporary topics of interest across Australia’s regions.
news 7 Nov 2023

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is developing a Digital Atlas.
news 6 Feb 2023 WA Mid West and Gascoyn...
news 2 Feb 2023 QLD Gold Coast
In just two decades the Gold Coast has gone from zero biotech companies to Australia’s largest regional for the delivery of clinical trials.
news 20 Jan 2023 NSW Hunter
RDA Hunter’s skilled workforce programs have been widely recognised for their success in delivering a talent pool with current, industry-relevant capabilities.
events 18 Jan 2023
Our department is working with Swinburne University and iMove to gain a deeper understanding of the workforce implications.
news 13 Jan 2023
The national ABC Trailblazer competition is on again.