About RDA

Who we are

An Australian Government initiative

This Australian Government’s vision for regional Australia is one of strong connected regions that shape economic growth and wellbeing; are resilient and responsive to economic shocks; and are inclusive, vibrant and diverse. Regions that our First Nations people have every opportunity to engage in and shape, and where people, business and investments thrive.

The RDA initiative brings together all levels of government and is funded by the Australian Government and by state, territory and local governments in some jurisdictions.

The RDA program is administered by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.

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RDA network

Our RDA network is made up of local leaders who work across government, business and community groups all with the goal to improve their local region. This is achieved by supporting economic and workforce development, local procurement, strategic regional planning and informing government programs and infrastructure investments.

RDA committees are critical in the delivery of this vision, and to the successful implementation of the Australian Government’s Regional Investment Framework (RIF), which guides a coordinated approach to regional development, underpinned by local engagement.