Branding and communication

A suite of logos and templates have been prepared by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications for use on all RDA communications and marketing materials.

Please contact for a copy of the RDA Communications and Branding Guidelines or a copy of the RDA logos and templates.

Code of conduct and ethics

RDA Chairs, Deputy Chairs, members and employees are required to adhere to the RDA program's code of conduct and ethics.

Better Practice Guide

The 2021 Better Practice Guide provides information for RDA Committee members and employees. It is to be used in conjunction with the 2021-2025 Funding Agreement, and sets out the obligations which accompany RDA program funding and guidance for completing the required reporting templates [PDF: 1.63 MB].

Three different versions of the outcomes and performance indicators reporting table are available, with RDAs able to choose which one they wish to use. All RDAs are required to use the supplied budget table. Editable versions of these templates can be accessed below.

Templates for the capital city RDAs:

  • Outcomes table—capital city—version 1 [DOC: 26 KB]
  • Outcomes table—capital city—version 2 [DOC: 23 KB]
  • Outcomes table—capital city—version 3 [DOC: 24 KB]

Templates for regional RDAs

  • Outcomes table—regional—version 1 [DOC: 24 KB]
  • Outcomes table—regional—version 2 [DOC: 20 KB]
  • Outcomes table—regional—version 3 [DOC: 21 KB]
  • Budget table [DOC: 18 KB] [XLSX: 15 KB]
    Please note that RDA Far South Coast, RDA Mid North Coast and the 6 Victorian RDA Committees have a different budget template. These RDAs should contact their departmental liaison officer to obtain the appropriate template if they do not already have it.


RDA Committees operate under a ministerial charter PDF: 416 KB which focuses on growing strong and confident regional economies that harness their competitive advantages and drive economic growth.


These guidelines PDF: 415 KB contain information for the RDA Committees program grants and sets out:

  • The purpose of the grant program
  • The eligibility criteria
  • How grantees will be monitored and evaluated, and
  • Responsibilities and expectations in relation to the opportunity.

Priority matrix

RDA Committees work across a number of key priority areas to optimise impact in their region. There is benefit when RDA Committees work together and learn from each other. To assist with this, a Priority Matrix for RDA Committee in 2020-21 has been prepared.

RDA Committee Deputy Chair and member appointments

All RDAs are required to appoint Deputy Chairs and members in accordance with the processes outlined in the RDA Appointments Guide. Information on these processes is now available at

RDA Committees can request a copy of the Appointments Guide via email to