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Better Practice Guide

The 2022 Better Practice Guide provides information for RDA Committee members and employees. It is to be used in conjunction with the 2021-2025 Funding Agreement, and sets out the obligations which accompany RDA program funding and guidance for completing the required reporting templates 

Download Better Practice Guide

The 2022 Better Practice Guide contains links to the following attachments:

  • Attachment 1.A—Summary of key responsibilities [DOCX: 17 KB]
  • Attachment 1.B—Boundary Adjustment Form
  • Attachment 3.A—Outcomes and Performance Indicators Reporting Tables

    There are 3 different versions of the outcomes and performance indicators reporting table Attachment 3.A for capital city RDAs and regional RDAs. RDAs are able to choose which option they wish to use. All RDAs are required to use the supplied budget table. Editable versions of these templates can be accessed below.

    Templates for the capital city RDAs:

    Templates for regional RDAs

  • Attachment 3.B—Budget Tables

    There are 2 versions of Attachment 3.B, one for general use by the majority of RDAs and a separate version for RDA Far South Coast, RDA Mid North Coast and all Victorian RDA Committees. All RDAs are required to use one of the supplied budget tables.

  • Attachment 4.A—Annual Governance Certification [DOCX: 108 KB]

An ‘Annual Governance Certification’ (the Certification) is provided to assist RDAs to assess whether they have better practice governance arrangements in place.