RDA Central West

TEN4TEN Fostering the next generation of young leaders in the community

The TEN4TEN Leadership Dialogue program was launched by RDA Central West in 2020. Its aim was connecting youth leaders with community champions for a unique mentoring experience.  

Ten students are selected and paired with a mentor. The ten mentors are chosen from various sectors of the community. Since 2020, 29 Year 11 students have completed the program.

Dialogue was designed to forge new partnerships, open doors and provide an insight into the many exciting career opportunities that are available in regional New South Wales and more specifically – right on the doorstep of the Central West.  

Over the course of the program the participating students are presented with opportunities and experiences that enable them to connect with leaders in the community. The 2023 cohort have been selected and are about to commence the 4th round of this program.

The 2020 and 2021 cohorts have completed their school studies, the 2022 cohort are in their final year of high school.  

Here’s some news and achievements about 2020 and 2021 cohort since they finished high school:  

  • Stayed within the region for university studies and undertaking a Bachelor of Health and Medical Science, with the intention to transfer after the first year into the Doctor of Medicine course.  
  • Took a gap year and studied for a Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) while working in an Aged Care facility. In 2023, commencing a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at the University of Wollongong.  
  • The program helped clarify thoughts and see that university is not the only way forward. Now in 3rd year of heavy diesel mechanics and enjoying the study and work.  
  • Started her nursing degree last year and is now on a gap year in the air force. She is hoping to continue her nursing degree and remain in the air force. Her mentor was a referee for the Air Force and they remain in contact since completing the program.  
  • Since leaving school, took a gap year working on a cattle station in far north Queensland. Commenced at the University of Sydney, studying a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in agricultural economics and finance. Still in contact with her mentor.  
  • Commenced Business Studies at Monash University in Victoria.  

"TEN4TEN is a memorable program which teaches you a wealth of knowledge and opens up many opportunities. Thank you RDA Central West for starting a program like this, I hope many more people will be able to experience this amazing opportunity!"  
Student - Canowindra High School

"Young people are after all our future leaders and our greatest asset."  
Mentor - Charles Sturt University

“The TEN4TEN program really opened my eyes to the opportunities available in the Central West, as well as introducing me to many valuable people who taught me a lot."  
Student - Orange High School 

Information about the program and each year’s events and mentors, go to: https://rdacentralwest.org.au/projects/ten4ten-2023/


Published 30/09/2023