About RDA

What we do


Our network shares information and collaborates to develop innovations and solutions that can be adapted across the country to help grow Australia’s regions.

RDA committee members are passionate and dedicated local leaders who act as an effective conduit across government, industry and with the community to support the development of their regions. They bring a broad range of experiences, including from local government, the private sector, the community and not-for-profit sectors.

A vital link

The RDA network is a vital link between regional stakeholders and all 3 levels of government. Our RDA committee members act as real-time advisers to government on critical regional development issues, opportunities and challenges in their regions.  For more information, go to: RDA Charter.

Our network provides regional intelligence to inform policy and the implementation of regional programs, information campaigns and grant funding opportunities. 

Key Priorities Matrix

RDA Committees work with their key stakeholders to identify key priorities that will benefit the economic future of their region. Major topics for RDA Key Priorities Matrix are:

  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Economic Development
  • Skills and Ready Workforce
  • Environmental and Natural Assets.