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05 September 2017

RDA Murray is currently involved in a number of exciting projects including a project to expand the skills of agribusiness enterprises to ‘farm smarter’, developing the Murray Region as an Australian Nutraceutical Hub and a project on conversations with regional innovators, leaders and professionals.

RDA Murray expand the skills of agribusiness enterprises to ‘farm smarter’

RDA Murray and Food Innovation Australia Limited have been delivering a series of workshops across the Murray region aimed at developing the skills of farmers. Food Innovation Australia Limited is an industry-led, government funded initiative to accelerate commercially-driven collaboration and innovation in the Australian food industry.

These practical workshops offer attendees the opportunity to review their current business model and identify new ways to tap into higher returns for crops, livestock or fresh produce. It alerts them to becoming customer and consumer focused and to consider value-adding to their commodity. After completing these workshops they will have their own blueprint for a more sustainable, viable farm and an inspired vision for where they want to be.

The next round of workshops will be held on the following dates and venues:

  • 25 September at Corryong Neighbourhood Centre
  • 26 September at the Crossing Café in Deniliquin
  • 28 September at the Artback Café, Wentworth.

The Murray Region: Australia’s Nutraceutical Hub

To support the resilience and sustainability of the region, RDA Murray is working towards developing the Murray region as the nutraceutical hub of Australia. Nutraceutical is a commercial term used for foods or food products that might help to prevent and treat diseases.

This vision will enable primary producers to diversify their product offerings and target markets to enhance their returns in response to increasingly challenging climatic, economic and political market conditions. It will also support innovation and business development in agribusiness and enhance the socio-economic development of the Murray region, while developing associated industries and businesses that will support nutraceutical manufacturing in the region.

This project has led to a partnership with the CSIRO, Charles Sturt University, NSW Department of Primary Industry and members of the nutraceutical industry to develop a holistic approach towards the birth of a new industry for Australia. As part of this vision, RDA Murray has also partnered with The New South Wales Deep Green Biotech Hub located at the University of Technology Sydney, which brings together researchers, SMEs, industry, start-ups, students and other stakeholders to create sustainable and profitable businesses using cutting edge algae bio-technologies.

RDA Murray create an innovation conversation

RDA Murray are shining the spotlight on innovators, leaders and professionals around the region from a range of backgrounds in the form of video interviews that are then featured on the RDA Murray website as well as other digital channels. The focus of this initiative is to provide a platform for innovative thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit to share their vision and business success as well as discuss current issues that the community face in the Murray region such as internet connectivity and the challenges this provides a technology driven society.

For more information on the above projects, please refer to RDA Murray.

Attendees to the Culcairn Skills in Agribusiness workshop on the 28 June and 26 July 2017.

Caption: Attendees to the Culcairn Skills in Agribusiness workshop on the 28 June and 26 July 2017.