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Infrastructure Australia's Infrastructure Priority List grows to 100 approved projects

23 May 2017

Philip Davies, Chief Executive, Infrastructure Australia (IA), noted in his May 2017 CEO Update the Infrastructure Priority List that guides the planning, procurement and delivery of major national infrastructure projects currently has the largest-ever number of 100 projects with full business cases approved by IA's independent board.

RDAs are encouraged to visit the IA Priority List to check on the projects and initiatives important to their region as these are regularly updated. Please find the list at: Infrastructure Priority List

The Priority List also features 82 initiatives; proposals that will have the potential to address national significant problems but require further development.

IA welcomes feedback in relation to the Priority List to encourage discussion around the nation's future infrastructure needs and the investment needed to meet these needs.

IA has also been delivering advisory papers as part of the Infrastructure Reform Series which looks deeper into some of the issues identified in the Australian Infrastructure Plan. New papers in the Reform Series will be released during 2017.

These can be accessed here: Reform Series