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Inland Rail will generate jobs and new business opportunities in Central West NSW

23 May 2017

A report by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Central West has found that the economic impact of the Inland Rail project to NSW’s Central West region is estimated at $216M over 60 years and that the region is well positioned to benefit from economic and supply chain development.

The report, funded by the NSW Department of Industry, examined the potential opportunities and economic impact of the proposed Inland Rail on Central West NSW.

“Overall, the Inland Rail is expected to have a positive economic impact in Central West NSW both during and post construction,” said RDA Central West Executive Officer, Peter McMillan.

“The study found that around 490 new jobs could be created in the region during the construction phase. Post-construction, we estimate around 150 new jobs in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and mining could be created in Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan LGAs alone.”

“Parkes, in particular, stands to benefit from the Inland Rail, as the National Logistics Hub is already established and operational, providing opportunities for transferring interstate freight by rail” he said.

Business opportunities arising from the development of the Inland Rail identified in the Report include rail maintenance and provisioning facilities; the expansion of the Parkes National Logistics Hub; the development of grain handling and distribution centres; business relocations; short haul freight services and inland container storage facilities.

The full report can be downloaded from the RDA Central West website: RDA Central West