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RDA Barossa—Delivering luxury service in a hospitality program

01 May 2017

RDA Barossa has successfully completed its pilot program “Delivering Luxury Service in Hospitality”, a non-accredited short course for unemployed or underemployed people in the greater Barossa region.

Whilst unemployment in the Barossa currently sits at 2.92%, youth unemployment is around 19%. Many more people find themselves ‘underemployed’, working 17 hours or less a week.1 There are many job openings in hospitality but businesses have struggled to find candidates with the relevant skills and knowledge.

RDA Barossa, in collaboration with businesses, has brokered a program to meet the skill and knowledge needs in hospitality and give young people from the region a chance for employment in a growing industry.

An application for the funding of a pilot program was successful through the Department of State Development, Jobs First Employment Project (DSD JFEP).

RDA Barossa used its business, communication and social media channels to attract participants.

Twenty participants completed the program, in four weeks and in four different restaurants across the region.

Feedback on the course was overwhelmingly positive. One participant stated: “For your first ever time undergoing this training program, you have set yourselves up to a high standard, and I'd like to personally thank you for running this course because it helps people to gain confidence in moving towards the higher end of hospitality”.

Of those who attended, 70% are now employed.

From RDA Barossa's perspective, the program was very successful. The RDA was particularly pleased to have strong employer engagement in the process, raising awareness for the need to continually upskill hospitality staff.

This RDA initiative demonstrates the positive relationship and confidence between RDA Barossa and the region's hospitality industry.

RDA Barossa hopes to deliver the training again and is happy to share learnings with other RDAs looking to do something similar in their region.

For more information, please visit the RDA Barossa website.

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