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The Australian Government has released the Start-up Muster 2016 Annual Report on Australia's start up sector

16 March 2017

Startup Muster has released its latest report, Startup Muster 2016, surveying thousands of founders, potential founders and businesses like accelerators, incubators and educators.

Startup Muster, a not-for-profit organisation, completes the survey each year with support from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and Google.

The report looks at the ‘who, why and where’ of Australian startups with over 2,700 respondents to the Startup Muster survey across Australia. Almost 2,000 of the respondents were startups or potential startups.

While most startups are located in capital cities, the report revealed that over 23% of startups are outside of capital cities.

High speed internet connectivity was of high benefit for 24% of respondents and it was reported that reliable access to fast connectivity is likely to be a key enabler for regional startups.

The report also revealed a high level of co-working amongst startups with 72% using co-working and over 50% of these using co-working full time.

View the full report here: Startup Muster 2016 Annual Report.