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RDA Northern Inland: Information Resource

06 March 2017

RDA Northern Inland (RDANI) is now providing a cost-effective regional consulting service that can support Local Councils, organisations, businesses and individuals.

RDANI can conduct or facilitate research and economic analysis, including stakeholder and broad community consultation, surveys and anonymous focus group studies. The organisation can also assist in the identification of infrastructure or program funding opportunities and provides project-supporting submissions that increase credibility through critical demographic and economic data.

“Knowledge is power and RDA Northern Inland has the resources to really make the difference for local project developers,” Chair Russell Stewart advised. “We are providing evidence-based research and analytical consultancy services and it is important for our region that we get the word out. RDA Northern Inland can be the linchpin, spokes or glue that makes an application or project successful. I'm talking about projects that bring millions of dollars into our economies and make a difference at the community level.”

“We have invested in comprehensive research and data provision services, namely REMPLAN economic modelling software and IBIS World, which provides access to over 700 industry reports. This data does not come cheaply and it is not a viable option for many of our smaller individual Councils,” said RDANI Executive Officer Nathan Axelsson. “As a regional level service provider, we now have access to the statistical facts and figures, a veteran local researcher / economic development analyst in David Thompson and an independent, collaborative regional approach that has Government appeal.”

The Namoi Joint Organisation of Councils has already utilised the service provided by RDA Northern Inland. “We were pleased to support the Namoi JOC in developing the Namoi Investment Prospectus and work with Walcha council to assess the economic impacts of securing a larger local water supply for the town and industry,” Mr Axelsson said.

For further information, please contact:

RDANI Executive Officer, Nathan Axelsson, on: 0412 308 114 or visit RDA Northern Inland