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‘Encounter’, Art at Lambert Estate

28 February 2017

RDA Barossa has developed the Art Music Design initiative, a digital directory of local artists, events and news, managed by the RDA's Arts and Cultural Facilitator, Leah Blankendaal.

One example of the positive work achieved through this initiative is the support provided by RDA Barossa to the Lambert Estate in Angaston, who have taken up the challenge of embedding the arts into their business. A gallery space is being developed within their cellar door and is currently host to a range of local artists from the greater Barossa region.

Leah Blankendaal has supported the promotion of the event by connecting the curator of the show, Vicki Rochau, a local artist, with local radio and by running the event through the Art Music Design EDM, website, and social media.

Their first art series, ‘Encounter’, is available to view now, seven days a week, until mid-April.

By providing new opportunities for artists to exhibit and sell their work outside of a gallery setting, Lambert Estate, with support from RDA Barossa, are strengthening economic opportunities for artists by connecting them to the Barossa's rich tourism industry.

‘Encounter’ features works by Scott Rathman, Jacqueline Coates, Yvonne Dalton, Tim Dell, Ali Devitt-Lansom, Stuart Hoersch, Simone Lyon, Anthea Piszczuk, Lise Temple and Roland Weight. Each of these Barossa artists brings their own diverse style; with many of the pieces speaking to a love of the landscape and the region as a whole.

Leah Blankendaal says of the exhibition: “It's great to connect with local winemakers that understand the value of artistic practice within a business setting. The potential for more collaboration here, as Lambert Estate continues to embrace local art, is huge.”

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