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Foreign Policy White Paper

17 January 2017

The Australian Government is developing a Foreign Policy White Paper to set out Australia's international engagement for the next five to ten years.

There have been significant changes domestically and globally since the last Foreign Policy White Paper was developed thirteen years ago. As Australia is an open export-orientated economy, our standard of living and our prosperity depends on our ability to engage with the world. The global economy has been through its greatest crisis since the 1930s and our international role has been enhanced through organisations such as the G20 and East Asia Summit. Development in the Middle East and South China Seas are now headlines around the world.

The White Paper will examine the international opportunities and challenges facing Australia and the Indo-Pacific region as a result of these shifts and will guide our foreign policy and diplomatic efforts.

The Government is reaching out to hear the views of organisations and individuals. We invite interested parties to contribute views and ideas through the public submissions process. All submissions will be considered carefully and be used to inform and improve our preparation of the White Paper.

Public submissions are open until 28 February 2017. For the latest news and Information on the public consultation process and submissions, visit the Foreign Policy White Paper website or follow the conversation on social media using hashtag #FPWhitePaper.