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Regional Development (RDA) and the Pilbara Development Commission (PDC) Ten Year Community Plan

12 December 2016

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Pilbara and the Pilbara Development Commission (PDC) have collaborated to formulate a Ten Year Community Plan for the Non-Government Organisations Sector in the Pilbara (‘the Plan’).

More than 120 people from NGOs attended workshops in towns across the Pilbara region to provide feedback on ten strategic themes proposed by community expert and project consultant, Peter Kenyon, from Bank of I.D.E.A.S.

The Plan has been completed and is available on RDA Pilbara’s Publications page. The Plan delivers several major recommendations, focusing on how to strengthen, and not just service, communities in the Pilbara and help build capacity to deal with challenges and opportunities as they arise.

The purpose of the Plan is to provide a strategic framework that:

  • presents a clear strategic direction to inform the sustainability of the NGO sector across the Pilbara;
  • articulates the likely requirement for expanded and new social and human services and programmes to meet the current and expected growth in the Pilbara;
  • improves coordination and reduces overlaps and gaps within the NGO sector; and
  • builds on the work already undertaken by RDA Pilbara and the PDC through the development of the Map and Gap Analysis Pilbara Non-Government Organisations Study.

For additional information please contact Diane Pentz on 9144 0651 or email