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RDA Central West launches Telecommunications Infrastructure Support Guide

11 November 2016

RDA Central West (NSW) has produced a user-friendly support guide to help Local Government, businesses and community groups understand how to make good use of the NBN and Mobile Black Spot Programme (MBSP).

The Telecommunications Infrastructure Support Guide provides readily accessible information in response to concerns expressed by regional stakeholders about the MBSP and NBN rollout.

“We discovered, through talking to local government, businesses and community groups across the region, that there is still a lot of confusion out there about where to start and how to begin rectifying telecommunications infrastructure issues,” said RDA Central West Chair Alan McCormack.

RDA Central West research found that in many instances, current broadband internet and mobile coverage is inadequate for local needs, posing a hindrance to the productivity of businesses, connectivity to global markets, access to education and educational resources, delivering tele-health services and personal safety.

The support guide provides practical steps to assist Local Government, businesses and community groups to better understand how they might be affected by telecommunications infrastructure rollouts planned for the region and, importantly, how they might contribute to the development of telecommunications infrastructure.

The Telecommunications Infrastructure Support Guide is available to download from the RDA Central West website.