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RDA National Website Members Section and Public News updates

22 July 2016

The election campaign has ended and an Australian Government has been formed. Please find below updates regarding the RDA Public Newsfeed as well as the Members Section.

Public News Stories

As caretaker conventions no longer apply we will be resuming normal operations for the national RDA Website. We will be accepting and publishing case studies/articles on RDA Committee initiatives or events.

Attached is a guide on the appropriate content and structure of RDA Public News submissions.

RDA News—Template and Submission Guidelines PDF: 216 KB ReadSpeaker DOC: 62 KB

RDA Public News submissions or questions should be emailed to

For those RDA Committees who have submitted stories just prior to or during Caretaker, we will endeavour to publish those stories and will be in contact if updated information is required.

RDA Members Section

In May 2016 we wrote to RDA Committee Members and staff seeking feedback on the Members section of the website.

After receiving feedback, we have decided to remove the password requirement to access the Members Section as the vast majority of material is not confidential and the password system was a frequent source of difficulty for RDA Committees in accessing information.

The members section can be accessed at

RDA Insurance material as well as National Forum 2015 presentations have been removed as these items are confidential. RDA Committees can currently request these materials by emailing Once a permanent access solution is determined we will contact RDA Committees with further details.