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Regional Development Australia

RDA National Website status during Caretaker period

27 May 2016

While the Australian Government is in Caretaker it has been decided that the Public Newsfeed will be in hiatus. This is in line with past practice.

The Department apologises to RDA Committees who have submitted stories that have not yet been published. We are hoping to publish these stories once the caretaker period has ended.

The rest of the website including the members section will still be active during this period.

In addition, we recently wrote to RDA Committee Chairs, Deputy Chairs, and Executive Officers seeking feedback on the Members section of the website.

We are presently analysing responses to our proposal to modify access and use of the Members section and researching what optimal methods we can use to provide RDA Committees with easy to access governance and other information. We will be in contact with RDA Committees once any proposed reforms have been decided upon.