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Climate Change Research Strategy for Primary Industries Conference 2016

12 April 2016

For the information of RDAs and their stakeholders

The Climate Change Research Strategy for Primary Industries (CCRSPI) is holding its 2016 conference between 27 and 28 April.

CCRSPI is a collaboration between organisations investing in climate change research for primary industries, and hopes to help primary industries adapt to the changing climate while promoting environmental sustainability.

Their conference will bring together key players across the agriculture and food sector, academics and government policy-makers to explore:

  • How climate is driving agribusiness (from various business perspectives including agribusinesses, finance, insurance sector and supply chain);
  • R&D achievements across different sectors and ways the primary industry sector as a whole can learn from these achievements;
  • Climate forecasts and how these are shaping on farm current and future decision making;
  • Possible technologies and how they can be used to help primary industries manage climate risks and opportunities; and
  • How climate is influencing market access for primary industries.

The conference promises to be a valuable discussion on how we are currently responding to climate change and how our primary industries can adapt in the future.

Those interested can register online at before 20 April.