Victorian and South Australian RDAs cross-border collaboration

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Monday 27 May 2019

Representatives from five Regional Development Australia (RDA) committees met in Horsham Victoria to discuss opportunities for cross-border RDA collaboration.

RDA Grampians Chair, Stuart Benjamin initiated the meeting to discuss opportunities for cross-border collaboration. “RDA Grampians borders the Limestone Coast and our neighbouring RDA Barwon South West does too, while RDA Loddon Mallee borders Murraylands and Riverland. This catch up was a fantastic meeting of the minds for a number of regions which is a real first,” said Mr Benjamin.

“While each region has its own unique economic challenges, there were common themes emerging regarding freight movements, workforce planning and skills shortages and tourism which presents an exciting opportunity for all five RDA committees to work together.”

The group is committed to continuing to engage on a regular basis to investigate and progress opportunities for collaborative projects to ensure that state borders do not hold back opportunities for economic development in regional Australia.

The five RDA committees represented were Grampians, Barwon South West and Loddon Mallee from Victoria and Limestone Coast and Murraylands and Riverland from South Australia.