Social issues relating to land-based automated vehicles in Australia

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Wednesday 04 July 2018

The Australian Government has welcomed the report of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Innovation, Science and Resources.  All recommendations have been supported or supported in principle.

The report noted that automated vehicles bring significant opportunity for improved safety, more efficient and productive transport networks, more liveable cities and better access to transport services.

Automated vehicle technology has significant potential to reduce the unacceptable impact of the large number of road crash fatalities and serious injuries in Australia every year.

Addressing potential social issues associated with automated vehicles is critically important to building public confidence in this emerging technology and ensuring an effective deployment. This includes such issues as safe trials and deployments, cyber security, data protection, access for people with disability and people in regional Australia, infrastructure readiness and facilitating labour market transitions.

Significant national work is already underway to prepare for automated vehicles. Australia's transport ministers have agreed to a national policy and action plan, addressing these issues.

This will involve meaningful engagement and dialogue with the community, industry and all levels of government about the opportunities and challenges of emerging automotive technologies and innovative, technology-enabled business models.

Automated vehicle trials are currently underway in most states and territories. Ongoing trials will provide more clarity about how the public will respond to this emerging technology and the best way for Government to address any social issues that may arise.

Here is a copy of the Government response.