RDA Loddon Mallee look to new flight services to connect Bendigo and Adelaide

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Tuesday 20 August 2019

RDA Loddon Mallee are working on a new feasibility study to better connect Bendigo, Adelaide and Mildura through new flight services.  

The feasibility study is calling on businesses, government agencies and a number of finance, health and community services to provide input into the study of a proposed regular flight service from Bendigo to Adelaide, via Mildura.

RDA Loddon Mallee Chair Linda Beilharz OAM said there hasn't been a better time to start this piece of work given the recent introduction of Qantas' new service between Bendigo and Sydney.

“It's currently quicker to drive to Melbourne from Bendigo to get a flight to Mildura, than it is driving a four-and-a-half-hour one-way trip from Bendigo to Mildura,” said Ms Beilharz.

“This new flight service would save people time, connect Mildura and Adelaide and create more opportunities for economic growth. It would strengthen the ability for organisations to meet the needs across the whole region.”

The feasibility study will collect data from local stakeholders and industry to assist in the preparation of a business case that will be presented to suitable airlines to state the case for a new regular air passenger service.

“People from Mildura are flying to Adelaide or Melbourne for business and to access health services. If there were regular flights to Bendigo, they could come here instead and take advantage of our world-class health services or explore more business opportunities in our region,” said Ms Beilharz.

“We want to unlock the economic potential of the Loddon Mallee and we are working to find new ways to connect our region.”

For more information about the feasibility study email RDA Loddon Mallee.