Opening of Inland Rail regional offices

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Friday 02 March 2018

The Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail is moving ahead, with the Australian Government announcing the opening of three regional offices in Dubbo, Toowoomba and Wodonga on Monday 5 March 2018.

Regional offices will work with stakeholders to maximise local procurement and employment opportunities arising from the construction of Inland Rail as well as preparing industries and regions to take advantages of the opportunities arising from the operation of Inland Rail.

Inland Rail Regional Liaison Officers will:

  • promote the strategic value to regions and communities of Inland Rail;
  • build stakeholders' understanding of Inland Rail;
  • assist communities to understand its potential benefits; and
  • work with regions to capitalise the economic and social opportunities of the project.

Inland Rail Regional Liaison Officers can be contacted at:

Kathryn Cockerill
0417 959 785

Amy Welham
0419 279 139

Shane Sykes
0419 097 784