GovHack supporting innovative solution to regional challenges

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Tuesday 11 December 2018

GovHack is an international competition for people of all abilities who seek to make life better through open data. The competition promotes hacking in a positive sense; civic hacking for a better world and a new way of finding solutions to simple and complex issues and challenges.

In Australia, there is a National Competition and each state and territory has its own competition that focuses on regional challenges and/or specific state/ territory datasets or themes.

The challenges from GovHack have inspired governments across Australia to improve how they deliver their data, to make it easier for the public to understand how governments use information, and to focus more attention on delivering citizen centric services.

In Western Australia, GovHack was sponsored by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Great Southern as a Gold Sponsor, with financial support from RDA Wheatbelt, RDA Kimberly, RDA Pilbara, and RDA Midwest Gascoyne. RDA Peel provided significant in-kind support in Mandurah for the Friday 7 to Sunday 9 September event.

RDA Great Southern was able to develop a “Challenge” for participants based on an issue identified in their region—how to establish a Resident Attraction program. The Challenge, in the Lifestyle Living category, was put to the Hackers as:

Short Description—How can the economic and lifestyle advantages of working and living in regional centres be used to encourage urban people to consider moving to the regions?

Long Description—How do businesses gather sufficient information to make the decision to move or extend their business into regional areas, and/or how do individuals and potential employees understand the options available and make a lifestyle decision to move into regional areas.

The winning video submission from the Hackerpeel group is here:

RDA Great Southern has contacted the Hackerpeel team to explore how the Seechange App may be developed further and potentially used in the development of a regional WA resident attraction program.

RDA Great Southern elected to support the event for a number of benefits:

  • Helping aspiring tech savvy and other creative people get the most out of the of Open Government Data available across the country and supporting the use of Government Resources to help solve problems in Regional WA.
  • Supporting the development of hackathons in our region as a strategy to encourage local individuals and groups become more active in the Creative Industries, particularly in the digital economy.
  • Encouraging innovation and potential commercial opportunities in a wide range of government business and industry sectors.
  • Leveraging open data in the potential creation of jobs, training and technical employment sector of our economy.
  • Fostering collaboration and partnerships with local business and government agencies.
  • As part of RDA Great Southern's partnership agreement with Creative Albany, to develop an innovation hub.

Contact RDA Great Southern for more information about how GovHack has contributed benefits to the region.

More general information on GovHack can be found here: