Far South Coast in Regional Employment Trial

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Wednesday 18 July 2018

Regional Development Australia Far South Coast (RDA FSC) will be working to implement fresh ideas to create jobs, and to equip people to enter the workforce with the right skills and remain in it.

The Australian Government's Regional Employment Trials Program aims to test regional and local approaches to delivering employment-related projects.

Fiona Hatcher, CEO of RDA FSC, said that the program aims to develop local employment projects by utilising innovative ideas from key local stakeholders. The program is intended to help mature long-term unemployed, as well as young people.

ā€œIt's open to anybody with a good idea, with a program they can deliver that may result in higher employment.ā€

The RDA, which will be working with a local facilitator, would like to hear from anybody who has an idea to close the employment gap and create more jobs on the South Coast.

The trial of the program will roll out along the South Coast from October 1.