Central Coast food innovation initiative

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Thursday 01 March 2018

The Central Coast Food Innovation Region Initiative was originally developed in 2016 by RDA Central Coast. Central Coast Industry Connect became a partner in 2017 to assist in the deployment of the strategy and its industry-focused projects.

The Initiative is about leveraging the NSW Central Coast's underlying existing strengths and realising economic benefit through growing and innovating the local food industry.

The objective of this initiative is to grow jobs, build regional business competitiveness and encourage national and international trade. This will be achieved through the development of a united vision, unprecedented regional collaboration, innovation, education and research.

The Initiative has been endorsed by the Central Coast Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy (REDES) Executive Committee, the Central Coast Council Executive Team, the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, the NSW Department of Industry, the University of&#160Newcastle, Clubs Central Coast, regional industry groups and local businesses as an important strategic regional initiative to drive economic growth within the region.

In January 2018, a formal partnership between the University of Newcastle, RDA Central Coast and Central Coast Industry Connect was established to build the Central Coast's reputation as an internationally renowned centre of excellence in food innovation.

This initiative will aim to realise strong regional economic and social development through a number of strategic activities to begin in April 2018.

RDA Central Coast has successfully coordinated a number of catalyst projects to inform the development of the Central Coast Food Innovation Region Six Strategic Initiatives.

For more information on this initiative, visit the RDA Central Coast website or contact the team on (02) 4349 4949.