2018 National Forum presentations

Presentations to the 2018 Forum are now available.

The 2018 RDA National Forum was held in Canberra on 16-17 August 2018 with the theme 'Collaborating and networking to grow regional economies'.

The presenters have all given their permission to have these presentations made available to the public.

Workshops – 16 August 2018

Workshop 1 Emma McDonald, Trade and Investment PDF: 628 KB

Workshop 2 Jack Archer, Population and Migration PDF: 3338 KB

Workshop 3 Tony Irish, Evidence-based Advice PDF: 8920 KB

Closed Workshop Marie Taylor, Delivering under the new RDA Charter PDF: 1101 KB

17 August 2018

Session 1

Dr Tom Measham, Regional Australia 2030 PDF: 3046 KB

Session 2

Noel Taloni, Industry PDF: 503 KB

Robert Latta, Education PDF: 445 KB

Marie Taylor, Infrastructure

Session 3

Professor Andrew Beer, Smart Specialisation for RDAs PDF: 2142 KB

Emeritus Professor Brian Roberts, Role of Industry Clusters PDF: 1443 KB

Mark Weaver, SME Export Hubs PDF: 421 KB

Peter Elford, RDA ACT, SERREE Model – ACT PDF: 6218 KB

Richard Elkington, RDA Gippsland, Regional Innovation PDF: 5059 KB

Session 4

Professor Andrew Beer, National Perspectives PDF: 1465 KB

Colleen Yates, RDA Perth, Lithium Valley PDF: 2935 KB

Fiona White-Hartig, RDA Pilbara, NRDAA PDF: 1806 KB

Tony Irish, SED Regional Advisory, Finding your niche PDF: 5217 KB

Peter Strong, CEO, Council of Small Business of Australia

Wrap Up