There is a single RDA Committee for the state of Tasmania and its off-shore islands, including King and Flinders islands. Tasmania comprises three sub-regions—South, North and North West (including the West Coast).

The RDA Tasmania Committee is funded by the Australian Government and administered by the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.

RDA Tasmania Committee has a strong cooperative relationship with the Tasmanian Government and the Local Government Association of Tasmania. The Tasmanian Government, through the Department of State Growth, provides in-kind support including accommodation and facilities for RDA Tasmania staff based away from the RDA's main office in Launceston.

RDA Tasmania Committee is responsible for:

  • providing independent advice to all three levels of Government on critical issues affecting their region
  • collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify economic opportunities and leverage private and public sector investment to the regions,
  • connect regional businesses, councils and industry sectors with international trade partners, financial markets and potential investors,
  • working closely with community leaders to identify funding sources and developing project proposals to support economic growth
  • providing assistance to local communities to develop project proposals to support economic growth, and
  • promoting awareness of government programs in the local community.

Further information on the role of the RDA Tasmania Committee can be found at the RDA Tasmania website.