Northern Territory

There is a single RDA Committee which covers the whole of the Northern Territory including the Tiwi Islands and Groote Eylandt. It is funded by the Australian Government and the Northern Territory (NT) Government with further in-kind support provided. The Australian Government funding is administered by the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and the NT Funding is administered by the Northern Territory Government's Chief Minister's Department.

The RDA Northern Territory Committee undertakes a broad range of initiatives to support economic development including planning, feasibility studies and project implementation. The Committee has offices in Darwin and in Alice Springs—its Committee members are from across the territory.

RDA Northern Territory has a cooperative relationship with the Northern Territory Government and with the Local Government Association of Northern Territory, ensuring integrated and aligned arrangements for regional engagement and economic development across the Northern Territory.

The RDA Northern Territory Committee is responsible for:

  • detailed regional planning that focusses on the economic development of their region, taking into account relevant Commonwealth, state, territory and local government plans
  • providing independent advice to all three levels of Government on critical issues affecting their region
  • working closely with community leaders to identify funding sources and developing project proposals to support economic growth
  • providing assistance to local communities to develop project proposals to support economic growth, and
  • promoting awareness of government programs in the RDA community.

The RDA Northern Territory Committee also works closely with seven other RDA Committees across northern Australia—four in Queensland and three in Western Australia—to jointly identify common issues and priorities affecting their broader region, and initiatives and projects which could benefit the economic development of the north of Australia.